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Publication: Lipid nano-vesicles for thyroid hormone encapsulation...

The Università degli Studi di Salerno explores variable drug delivery methods of lipid nano-vesicles for thyroid hormone encapsulation to human tendon stem cells.

Different manufacturing methods were used to fabricate nanovesicles to conduct a comparison study between these techniques. Some of the results explored include particle size, encapsulation efficiency, and ethanol residue.

Microfluidic technique (MF) was performed by adopting PreciGenome's NanoGenerator Flex. The phosphatidylcholine (PC) vesicles were loaded with Triiodothyronine (T3) and successfully delivered to human tendon stem/ progenitor cells in vitro.

In this study, MF technology proved to be the best among all other nanovesicle fabrication technologies including thin-layer hydration coupled to sonication (TF-UF), and supercritical-assisted liposome formation (SC).

This opens perspectives on the activity of PC/T3 nano-vesicles as innovative formulations for TPSCs stimulation on ECM secretion.

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