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Application Note

Droplet Generation Application by PreciGenome Pressure Controller

PreciGenome Pressure Controller has been designed to fit most droplet generation needs of researchers. This fully integrated solution allows users to generate droplets out of the box.

  • Plug and play

  • One-click to go with intuitive UI on the integrated touchscreen

  • No external pump or pressure source needed

  • Repeatability

  • Almost no waste on reagent with our reservoir connector

Experiment Setup

Use case 1.gif
microfluidic controller operation demo.p

Easy setup using our pressure controller and microfluidic reservoir connectors to connect to your chip.

Example Droplet Generation Video and Images



  • Cell Encapsulation

  • Single Cell Analysis

  • Hydrogel Synthesis

  • Foams

  • RNA Sequencing

  • Drug Delivery

  • Polymer synthesis

  • Cell culture

  • PCR

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