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Flow control solution

Applications and Solutions

We offer a variety of solutions to meet your requirements in different fields.


Droplet Generation Platform

Easy to generate droplet. It includes everything you need for droplet generation. 

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Fast Chip Prototyping and Test

Test and prototype your microfluidic chip in an easy and cost-effective way.


Cell Culture with Multi-reagent

Automated Cell Culture Perfusion with Multi-reagent Delivery


Automatic Liquid Sample Switching System

 Combining PG-MFC microfluidic controller with a rotary valve, our system enables users to do multiple reagent switching automatically.


Microfluidic Reservoir Kit and Connectors

“Plug-and-play” reservoir connector eliminating most of the existing issues. Also offers air-tight reservoir kit (1.5ml, 15ml, 50ml, and 100ml), which allows pressurization of standard lab tubes for microfluidic applications. 


Microfluidic Organ-on-Chip System

Microfluidic Organ-on-Chip System


Microscope with High-speed Camera System

The high-speed camera offers 1000fps at the full resolution of 1.5M pixels and >20,000fps with small ROI. Three types of illumination cover most of your applications.


Thickness&Size Measurement Platform

Easy-to-use non-contact, non-destructive thickness and size measurement system. This user-friendly system delivers reliability and 1micron accuracy for thickness measurement. 


Consulting & OEM Service

We offer OEM solution for customers who need microfluidic prototyping and instrumentation to help you focus on your applications and your microfluidic system.

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