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High Speed Imaging System

Microfluidic research is continuously promoting the growth and development of new technologies that require less chemicals and physical space while offering faster analyses or processes. The reduced scale of time and space makes microfluidic events become too fast to analyze with standard cameras. The high speed, high-resolution imaging, and convenient microscope system significantly improves study quality of microfluidic experiments.
PreciGenome high-speed imaging system, which is specifically designed digital microscope system, enables researchers to capture images at a speed high enough to be capable of seeing details of fluid action in microfluidics studies.  Depending on the desired resolution, our high-speed cameras can reach up to 38,000 FPS. 
high_speed_imaging_microscope_system, microfluidic high-speed imaging, microfluidic camera, droplet generation, cell isolation
High-speed imaging technology enables  advanced microfluidic research

High Speed Digital Microscope System Benefits:​

  • Plug & Play microscope system with an integrated high-speed camera.

  • High speed with full resolution of 1280x1024 @ >1050 fps, up to 38000fps at lower resolution.

  • High-quality optics with high-resolution imaging for clear visualization of microfluidic experiments.

  • High system magnification and zoom function for viewing from the mm to µm scale.

  • Three different types of illumination for most applications.

  • Exposure time down to 1us for imaging of droplets, particles or cells flowing at up to MHz frequency.

  • Can be controlled via our  PG-MF controller.

  • Reliable and easy to use with touch screen and external monitor via HDMI interface.

  • Custom design options (fluorescent detection, higher magnification, etc.) available upon request.

 System Specifications:​

microfluidic high-speed imaging, microfluidic camera, microfluidic high-speed microscope, droplet generation, cell isolation
Compatible with PreciGenome microfluidic controller
Droplet Generation Setup with shadow.png

Example Droplet Generation Videos 

The droplet generation video for studying cell encapsulation with our high-speed imaging system and pressure controller and chip. FrameRate is 2000fps.

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