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Application Note

Empower plug-and-play

microfluidic applications

The PG-MF flow controller makes microfluidic application effortless, flexible and scalable. It finds applications in areas ranging from fluid delivery to organ-on-a-chip. Several typical working modes are listed below.


Chip Prototyping

PDMS Chip Design and Fabrication

Easy to design and fabricate

Short turnaround time

Plastic Chip 

Materials: PMMA, PC, COC, etc

Fabrication:  CNC, molding

Bonding technique:

plasma assisted bonding, thermal bonding, adhesive assisted bonding

Fast Chip Test

1. One side of mini Luer slip connector inserts into PDMS chip well, the other side is standard Luer lock and can be connected with tubing, which connects the pressure controller through Luer lock as well. The mini Luer connector can be used for reagent reservior, which can hold 20-40uL of reagents. 

2. When pressure controller provides positive pressure, reagents in the mini Luer flow into microfluidic channels and towards the waste under pressure.

Easy to connect your device and deliver liquid to your system

1. Reagents are loaded in tubes. On cap of each tube, two holes are punctured. One hole is for inserting a mini Luer lock connector which connects gas tubing. The other hole is for reagent tubing, one side of which inserts into reagent and the other side of which inserts into a hole in PDMS microfluidic chip. The gas tubing connects pressure controller and tube. The reagent tubing connects microfluidic chip and reagent. Users need to make sure the tube is airtight.

2. When pressure controller provides positive pressure, reagents in tubes flow through reagent tubings into microfluidic channels and then flow out to the waste.

Use case 2.gif

1. Reagents are loaded in tubes which are open to air. One side of reagent tubing inserts directly into reagent and the other side inserts into a hole in PDMS microfluidic chip which connects microfluidic channel. The outlet of microfluidic channel connects an airtight tube through a tubing. This airtight tube is used as a negative pressure reservior to connect pressure controller through a gas tubing using Luer lock connectors.

2. When pressure controller provides negative pressure, the negative pressure pulls reagents from tubes into microfluidic channels towards the negative pressure reservior.

Use case 3.gif

More Applications

  • Droplet Generation
  • Single cell encapsulation, NGS target sample enrichment,RNA Seq etc
  • Organic /polymer syntheses
  • Drug transportation
  • Automatic reagent distribution
  • Cell culture, cell perfusion and subsequent injection of reagents
  • Microfluidics & organs on chip
  • Instrumentation for point of care testing
  • Other microfluidics applications to manipulate fluids
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