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An isolation valve is a valve used to stop the flow of process media to a given location in a fluid handling system. A solenoid isolation valve is an electromechanically operated isolation valve.


The SwitchEZ™ media solenoid isolation valve is a solenoid-operated device, which uses a flexible diaphragm to isolate liquid flow in the fluid path. The valve body part and the actuator part are separated by a diaphragm. Therefore, so the fluid in the flow does not contact with the metal parts of the valve. The wetted materials are PTFE. Custom designs are available with a variety of wet materials, such as PEEK, PPS, etc, which are proven to be compatible with a wide range of sensitive or corrosive liquid or gas media. These isolation valves are compact and highly inert. So these valves are ideal for use with corrosive media. Also, it is very easy to integrate into any complex or demanding system.


The isolation valves are commonly used for many applications, including those that require precise, repeatable dispensing of media for bio-Instrumentation, analytical instrumentation, clinical diagnostic analyzers, etc. 


Valve customization is also availabe upon request. 

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  • Fast switching time

  • Compact designs with low operational noise

  • No contamination of the valve

  • Fast response time

  • High-cycle life

  • Control flow  without direct contact between the fluid and the valve

  • Excellent for sanitary and pharmaceutical applications

  • Datasheet of SwitchEZ isolation valves
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SwitchEZ™ Solenoid-Operated Electric Isolation Valves

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