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PDMS droplet generation chip is designed for all who wants to generation droplets experiments quickly and easily.


  • Cost effective solution
  • Quick and easy to connect and release
  • Easy and friendly to use the chip
  • No complex connectors
  • From 30 to 120µm droplets and up to 1000 Hz
  • For cell encapsulation or polymer particle formation
  • Extremely consistent droplet size
  • Excellent visibility
  • Hydrophobic coating
  • Suited for 1/16” OD tubing or PreciGenome Reservoir Connector. Custom hole size is available.




  • Microorganism/Cell Encapsulation
  • Hydrogel Bead Synthesis
  • Protein Crystallization


Compatible with PreciGenome Microfluidic Pressure Flow Controller. 

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Droplet Generation Chip, Drop generator, PDMS, hydrophobic

$120.00 Regular Price
$96.00Sale Price
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