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The NanoGenerator™ for Nanoparticle Synthesis- How Does It Work?

PreciGenomes NanoGenerator™ applies microfluidic approaches to synthesize nanoparticles in a continuous mode.

Microfluidic technology presents advantages over conventional batch synthesis processes due to its superior control of size and shape.

Microfluidic Mixing Systems Provide:

  • Low PDI

  • Controllable particle size

  • High encapsulation efficiency

  • High reproducibility

These systems have been widely used in various applications in the drug delivery field, such as mRNA vaccines, CAR-T therapeutics, cancer therapy, immunology and vaccines, and many more.

Payloads Include:

  • DNA/mRNA/siRNA

  • Proteins and peptides

  • Small molecule drugs

  • Other payloads

To see how the NanoGenerator™ works, watch this video on PreciGenomes YouTube channel.


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