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Digital PCR (dPCR) Systems

Digital PCR (dPCR) is a quantitative PCR method, which offers the capacity of measuring the amount of DNA or RNA sensitively and accurately present in a sample. In order to measure the number of molecules in a sample with high precision, the sample is divided into a large number of partitions for reactions, which are analyzed separately. Some of these reactions contain the target molecule (positive) while others do not (negative). Thus, digital PCR provides an accurate and sensitive method to detect and count individual nucleic acid molecules, enabling nucleic acid quantification with superior accuracy, precision, and relative sensitivity.

The digital PCR system can be incredibly useful in applications of copy number variation, rare sequence detection, gene expression analysis, miRNA analysis, next-generation sequencing sample quantification, quantitation of low abundant genes or small differences, and rare event detection, such as cancer gene mutations. As absolute concentrations are determined, data can be easily interpreted and compared across different samples and experiments, especially in a clinical setting. Meanwhile, digital PCR is a simple and reproducible method that does not rely on a calibration curve for sample target quantification. Therefore no reference standards or endogenous controls are needed.


System Features & Benefits

High Performance
  • High sensitivity
  • Multiple fluorescent channels
  • Walk-away automation
Cost Effective
  • Affordable configurations
  • Low cost solutions
  • Integrated Software (No PC required)
Total Solution
  • PCR instrument & system
  • PCR kits
  • LIMS, etc.

Digital PCR Assay Kits

FastPlex Digital PCR assays are designed by experts in the digital PCR field. Every type of the assays has been experimentally validated on Bio-Rad™ QX200™ platform to ensure optimal performance for its target application. Meanwhile, with PCR conditions optimization these assays also could be used on other popular digital PCR platforms, such as QuantStudio™ 3D Digital PCR System from ThermoFisher™ or  Naica™ system from Stilla™ Technologies.


These predesigned assays for digital PCR come with a FAM, HEX, VIC, ROX, or Cy5 Fluorophore. Other Fluorophores are also available.

FastPlex PCR assays have been widely used in experiments for applications including:


  • Rare mutation and sequence detection

  • Copy number variation analysis

  • Gene expression

  • Calibration of standards

  • GMO analysis

  • Analysis of inhibitory samples

  • Splice variant preference

  • Next-generation sequencing library analysis

  • Allelic preference

  • Cis vs trans localization

PreciGenome also offers the service for dPCR assay design and validation. Our scientist will work with you to design digital PCR Assay Design Service assays based on your specific requirements. All validation data are provided to clients. The sequence information is also available with some extra fee.


We also have the service to convert your qPCR assay to digital PCR assay. 

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