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FastPlex™ Cancer Screening & Detection Kit
(Digital PCR Assays)

FastPlex™ Oncology Kits are a novel highly sensitive in vitro diagnostic assay using the digital PCR-based multi-gene panel for the qualitative detection of cancer-associated gene mutations in liquid biopsy and FFPE tissue samples. The kits diagnose various mutations such as SNVs, insertion/deletion of major cancer genes with a high detection sensitivity.


The Oncology Kits include EGFR, KRAS, BRAF, NRAS, PIK3CA, BCR-ABL, JAK2, HER2, TP53, APC, and RET/MET, as well as Lung Cancer panel and Colorectal Cancer Panel. If offers the capable of identifying multiple mutation sites in a single well in a rapid and cost-effective manner. The ultra-sensitive nature of FastPlex™ can be applied to diagnosis, prognosis, prediction, treatment decision, treatment monitoring, and recurrence testing through accurate analysis of cancer genes. The kits are used in liquid biopsy as well as tissue biopsy.

1-Step Kit

Advantages of Digital PCR

Digital PCR is a powerful technology, providing absolute quantification of nucleic acids with a high degree of sensitivity and precision.


The cfDNA, ctDNA, and CTCs of interest are present at very low levels in the blood. They are found in a complex background of other components. Circulating DNA is also highly fragmented, which further reduces the concentration of intact target sequence. The recent advent of more sensitive screening techniques by dPCR has permitted the detection and quantification of low abundance targets in shorter times without requiring large numbers of replicates. Thus dPCR assays are widely used as a tool for liquid biopsies.

Features and Benefits

•    Reliability

Production procedures are in accordance with the MIQE guideline standard.

•    Fidelity

PCR primer supplied in the kit guarantees PCR efficiency and a detection capacity 1 copies per run.


•    Economical Price

Reduced time and cost.

•    User-friendly Protocol

Simplified procedure allows easy operation and analysis.


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