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Sophisticated yet straightforward software on a sizable touch screen

Microfluidic Controller with Intuitive UI and Touch Screen

Dependable Luer lock interface

Pulse-free flow control with liquid flow sensors

Single Cell R&D Platform

Key features:

  • Low cost  

  • Automated and easy to use

  • Flexible and open platform

  • Disposable microfluidic chip

  • Portable system

  • Free training available

  • Free system testing/training reagent

Precise, responsive and stable
One touch and walk away
Cost effective
Flexible setup, programmable
Portable design
Preclude the headache of the tubing priming

High Speed Imaging System

precigenome, high speed imaging, microfluidics, dynamic study, microfluidic pressure pump, microfluidic pressure controller, flow controllor
High-speed imaging technology enables  advanced microfluidic research
precigenome, high speed imaging, microfluidics, dynamic study


  • Plug & Play microscope system with an integrated high-speed camera.

  • High speed with full resolution of 1280x1024 @ >1050 fps, up to 38000fps at lower resolution.

  • High-quality optics with high-resolution imaging for clear visualization of microfluidic experiments.

  • Three different types of illumination for most applications.

  • Exposure time down to 1us for imaging of droplets, particles or cells flowing at up to MHz frequency.

  • Reliable and easy to use with touch screen and external monitor via HDMI interface.

Some of Our Customers

PG COVID-19 RT-PCR detection kit_small.j

FastPlex™ Triplex SARS-CoV-2 Detection Kits

1-Step Kit  (RNA Extraction Free)


dPCR Kit   (FDA-EUA Approved)

SARS-CoV-2 and Flu A&B Multiplex Kit 

Real Time PCR (qPCR) Instrument

Total Solutions for COVID-19 PCR Detection