Single Cell Analysis R&D System

The single cell analysis system is the study platform or tool to isolate bulk cells into selected single cell for the study of genomics, transcriptomics, proteomics and metabolomics at the individual cell level, enabling systematic investigation of cellular heterogeneity in a wide range of cell populations. It offers insights into the composition, dynamics, and regulatory mechanisms of tissues and cell populations in disease or other studies.

PreciGenome provides an automated, microfluidic droplet-based platform for single cell research that encapsulates cells and barcoded beads (the encapsulation rate for hydrogel beads can go up to 90%; encapsulation rate for one cell and one bead in a single droplet can reach as high as 9%.


The system includes a pressure control unit, optics, illuminations, an integrated high-speed camera for observation, a stage for holding microfluidic chip, and software for parameter optimization and automation. The system is flexible and can switch between automated mode and manual mode. Users can choose to use our standard and patent pending chip design for single-cell research. Users can also choose to design their own chips.


Single Cell R&D Platform

Key features:

  • Automation

  • Easy to use

  • Flexible and open platform

  • Disposable microfluidic chip

  • Portable system

  • Cell size from 1-15um. Up to 60-100um cell with custom chip design

  • Free training available

  • Free system testing/training

System components:

Part #:  PG-SC-8-HSV  (High Speed Imaging Microscope)



System Benefits

Open system
One touch and walk away
Cost effective
Flexible setup, programmable
Portable design
Preclude the headache of the tubing priming

Applications of Single Cell Analysis Platform

  • ​​​​​Single cell encapsulation and PCR amplification

  • Single cell antibody discovery

  • Single cell analysis

  • Cell line development

  • RNA sequencing sample prep

  • Biopharmaceutical discovery

  • Drug-resistance studies

  • Double emulsion

  • Enzyme evolution

  • Synthetic biology

  • Diagnostics

cell_encapsulation_in_droplet,  DropSeq, Single Cell Isolation, Single cell Dna Rna seq, InDrop, hydrogel beads
Cell and hydrogel bean Isolation by droplets.  This figure shows that 90% of droplets contain single hydrogel bead.
DropSeq example for scRNA seq. This image of collected droplets encapsulating beads in pink color, cells in yellow color. Droplets inside pink rectangle contain both single bead and cell.
Demonstration video of cell and hydrogel bean encapsulation by droplets with a custom design PDMS microfluidic chip. The video is captured at 1000 FPS using PreciGenome Single Cell Analysis System.  

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