SwitchEZ™ Solenoid-Operated Electric Pinch Valves

Pinch valve is a full bore or fully ported type of control valve, using a pinching effect to close or open a fluid/gas flow. A solenoid pinch valve is a solenoid-operated device, which is designed to open and close tubes for controlling flow of liquids or gases electronically.


It opens or closes the flexible tube by energizing the solenoid retracts or attracts the plunger. This type of valve is ideal for applications requiring frequent changes of the flow path, because only the easily replaceable tubing contacts the flow media.


The SwitchEZ™ series pinch valves are available as normally closed, normally open, and closed/open (3-way diverting), and in single or multi-tube configurations. These compact, low power pinch valves come equipped with silicone tubing, or they can be used to pinch other compatible user-specified tubings. These valves are capable of handling a wide range of aggressive, and high purity fluids. These are ideal where contamination is an issue, as the fluid only comes in contact with the tubing, not the valve. Tubing replacement is quick and easy, making these suitable for pharmaceutical or sanitary applications.  


High Performance 
Cost Effective


  • Fast switching time

  • Compact designs with low operational noise

  • No contamination of the valve

  • Fast response time

  • High-cycle life

  • Control flow  without direct contact between the fluid and the valve

  • Excellent for sanitary and pharmaceutical applications