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SwitchEZ™ Electric Rotary / Selector Valve, 10ports

The SwitchEZ™ rotary/selector valve is a precise electric rotary valve, which is designed for automated fluidic/microfluidic applications. The rotary valve provides automated routing of fluidic volumes.  Fast, reliable geared switching ensures long life.  The valve heads provide leak-free connections to 1/32” OD, 1/16" OD or even smaller OD capillary. With small channels and accurate positioning system, it offers the capacity of precise liquid handling.


The rotary valves are constructed with PCTFE and sapphire crystal as wetted materials, for use with a wide variety of chemicals. This valve is a cost-effective device to build your liquid distribution in the instrument design or laboratory experiments.  



  • Inert wetted materials: PCTFE valve head and sapphire crystal valve spool for anti-corrosion; No metal parts contact with working fluid.

  • Avoid cross-contamination.

  • Highly reliability guaranteed by precisely machined and polished assembly process; 

  • Multiple configurations: 6, 8, 10, 12, 16 ports.

  • Optical encoder for accurate positioning;

  • Communication interface: RS232/RS485/CAN.

  • C/C++,  python library.

  • Compatible with PG-MFC serial controller. 

  • Custom design and OEM available.

SwitchEZ™ Electric Rotary / Selector Valve, 10ports