Microfluidic Reservoir Kit for 100/200mL Glass Lab Bottle

This kit allows you to hold large volume ( 100ml, 200ml, 500ml or even larger) of reagents for your experiment.


Glass bottle:

Borosilicate glass body for chemical, thermal expansion, shock and heat resistance.
The heavy duty pryrex media round bottles can be used for storage as well as mixing and sampling. 
Media bottles feature indented gripping zones along the sides of the bottle to allow easier and safer handling, and a new cap design that permits faster opening and closing.Sealed, linerless polypropylene screw cap with a pour ring secures contents to help prevent spills and evaporation.


The microfluidic caps:

  • Port Qty/Size:  1/4-28  2ports or 4 ports 
  • Material: PTFE, PP
  • Our Anti-Twist Design prevents twisting of tubing when the cap is removed or attached.
  • Reduce chemical evaporation and exposure to hazardous vapors.


Ports compatible with 1/4”-28 fittings for tubing with 1/16” outer diameter.

Note: this product does not come with 1/4"-28 fittings or microfluidic tubing.  Cap may vary in color from that shown in photos. 



Options and items included:


microfluidic reservoir with 2-port cap kit

  • Bottle cap with two ports (x1)
  • 100 mL glass bottle (x1)



microfluidic reservoir with 3-port cap kit

  • Bottle cap with three ports (x1)
  • 100 mL glass bottle (x1)



microfluidic reservoir with 4-port cap kit

  • Bottle cap with four ports (x1)
  • 100 mL glass bottle (x1)


Safety warning:

Working with systems under pressure above atmospheric pressure may have a safety risk, especially when working with hazardous liquids and gases.

Microfluidic Reservoir Kit for 100/200mL Glass Lab Bottle

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