Microfluidic Liquid Flow Sensor

PreciGenome provides customers with high accuracy liquid mass flow sensors for ultra-low flow rate monitoring. It can be controlled directly through the PG-MF controller to monitor the flow rate on your microfluidic experiment.



  • Repeatability: below 1% of the measured value
  • Highest sensitivity down to <1 µl/min
  • Fast response time down to 40 ms
  • Maximum flow rate for water-based liquids: 10 ml/min
  • Maximum flow rate for hydrocarbons: 80 ml/min
  • Inert wetted materials: glass, PEEK, and fluoropolymer
  • Maximum recommended operating pressure: up to 50 bar depending on flow range
  • IP65 water and dust protection
  • Compatible with PG-MF controller


Learn more about our microfluidic controller.


Microfluidic Liquid Flow Sensor

Maximum Flow Rate

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