Male Mini Luer Fluid Connectors, 10pcs/PK

The male mini Luer fluid connectors

Connect your tubings to the ChipShop mini Luer-compatible chips. 


The male Mini Luer fluid connectors are the means to connect female Mini Luer platforms with tubing to
connect for example pumps, valves, or waste reservoirs. They are offered as single interfaces, twins, or
as rows of four. Furthermore, they are available in different colors for an easy differentiation between
different liquids going in and out of the chip.


Male Mini Luer connectors have a dead volume of approximately 8 µl.

Suitable for flexible tubing ( e.g. silicone ) with an ID ≤ 1 mm.

Material: PP, TPE


Color is randomly picked up. 

Please leave us a message if you need a specific color for the connector.

Male Mini Luer Fluid Connectors, 10pcs/PK


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