Luer Lock Syringe Needles, 5pc/PK

Blunt-end needles with Luer Lock tip, used to connect a soft-walled tubing, such as silicone, Tygon, etc. to your microfluidic setup.  Luer Lock tip to ensure a safe and leak-free connection between a syringe and the needle.


In order to get better sealing and tighter connections, a needle with a slightly larger outer diameter (OD) than the tubing inner diameter (ID) should be used.


NOTE: It's NOT recommended to connect with rigid tubing (such as PTFE).



  • Polypropylene (Luer Lock tip)
  • Stainless steel (needle)
Needle length 0.5 in. / 1.27 cm
  • 25G: Pink
  • 23G: Orange
  • 20G: Cream
  • 18G: Green
  • 16G: Grey
  • 25G: 0.26 mm ID / 0.51 mm OD
  • 23G: 0.33 mm ID / 0.63 mm OD
  • 20G: 0.62 mm ID / 0.90 mm OD
  • 18G: 0.84 mm ID / 1.27 mm OD
  • 16G: 1.32 mm ID / 1.60 mm OD

Luer Lock Syringe Needles, 5pc/PK


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