IVD Instrument and Medical Device Custom Design & OEM 

PreciGenome offers In Vitro Diagnostic (IVD) Instrument and medical device custom design and OEM solutions for customers who need prototyping and instrumentation. We have developed a wide range of OEM products for IVD applications in past years. With our design and manufacturing solutions, we can help you focus on your applications and your end customers to speed up your production development.
All our systems or components are available as OEM products. Our OEM products can easily be integrated into your complex instruments.



Are you looking for experts in medical designs with fluidic/pneumatic control?


Our goal is to work with our clients to develop their designs from concept to prototype and all the way on to production. 


Our consulting practice includes developing and designing fluidic devices, instruments and processes with a focus on the early stages of product development.  In past projects, we have designed, made and tested:


  • Fluidic cartridges, microfluidic chips;

  • Microfluidic chip manifolds;

  • Liquid handling, fluidic control system;

  • Pressure sources for ripple-free fluid pumping;

  • Pneumatic, peristaltic and syringe-based instruments with embedded microprocessors for controlling flow through microfluidic systems;

  • Thermoelectric heat exchangers, compact heat exchangers;

  • Mechanical and control design for liquid dispensing robot;

  • Software and firmware design.

Are you developing a medical system?


With our long experience in the field and our wide range of high-quality design, we can help you to find the best solutions for your system.


We provide a wide range of solutions, starting from high precision instruments and OEM components for complete and custom solutions.


• OEM high precision pressure/vacuum flow control system 
• OEM fluidic cartridges by different materials
• OEM temperature controller
• Software and firmware design 

• Customized tubing and fittings kit

• Manufacturing

Our OEM Solutions

System Solutions        Cartridge Design        Circuit Design          Software

Reasons to Choose us

  • Design Expertise

  • Cost-effective Solutions

  • Logistics Proficiency for varied Quantities in Quick Time Periods

  • Compliant with ISO 13485 

  • Experience in FDA/cFDA registration 

  • Small Business Agility

  • World-Class Facility

  • Flexible Shipping Options

Manufacturing Facilities

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