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iFlow™ Pressure/Flow Controller
microfluidic pump system for pulse-free flow

Microfluidic pump is a tool with the capability of accurately manipulating fluid in minute volume below the microliter/nanoliter range. Usually, a microfluidic pump includes a micropump and a pressure or flow controller in the same device.
Our iFlow™ serial microfluidic pump system is a highly integrated pressure/flow control system providing pulse-free precise positive & negative pressure, integrated with a variety of digital IO ports for direct control of rotary valves, pinch valves, isolation valve. Stable constant flow rates can be set and controlled when used in conjunction with external liquid flow sensors. The microfluidic pressure pump system operates in a wide range with fast response time and accuracy.

System Benefits

Total Solution
High Performance
  • Pulse-free flow control
  • High precision and sensitivity
  • Walk-away auto
Cost effective
  • Affordable configurations
  • Low cost solutions

iFlow Serial Pressure/Flow Controller

Professional Product Imagery.jpg
Professional Product Imagery.jpg

iFlow Serial Comparison Chart

iFlow controller comparison chart.jpg

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