Automated Cell Culture Perfusion with Multi-reagent Delivery

Combining PG-MF microfluidic controller with a rotary valve, our system enables users to do multiple reagent switching. Our careful selected rotary valve has small internal channels (low dead volume) and an accurate positioning system, which makes it ideal for precise liquid handling. Our system achieves fast switching without pushing a large amount of reagent to clean up the previous reagent during switching.
Users can choose a single pressure from PG-MF and a manifold to apply pressure to different reagent reservoirs. Since PG-MF has 8 pressure output channels, users can also connect the 8 pressure output directly to 8 different reagent reservoirs without a manifold. Connected with a flow sensor, the system is capable of maintaining a constant flow rate through the feedback loop during the course of their experiments.
The Perfusion System has been designed to fit most common cell biology researchers' needs. Custom design is also available. Whatever you need, feel free to contact us to discuss your exact need and if necessary we will redesign the pack and chips to your particular research application.
The video demonstrates multi-reagent switching with different colors using our system. The switching is fast and minimum cross-contamination.

Custom Design Example:

Perfusion system with 3 rotary valves and temperature control module

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